What Age Group Uses Reddit

Reddit is the premier social network for expressing your thoughts and sharing your opinions. There are as many as 330,000,000 users who have shared and are sharing their opinions on this resource. Such a large number of Reddit users are united by gender, age, demographics and other factors. Now we’ll focus specifically on age, because it’s the most universal criterion for specifying a target audience.

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So, what age group uses Reddit? The largest group of users is between the ages of 19 and 29. This age group makes up 69% of Reddit users. Then there is the group whose users are between 30-49 years old, which is 29% of users.

A closer look reveals that there are a number of demographic factors that help us understand this large group of users. Here are some other factors that define the 18 to 49 demographic on Reddit:

Gender. Analyses show that the majority of Reddit users are young men. This category accounts for 74% of the site’s total number of users from around the world. In the U.S. alone, the numbers say 67% of users are male. However, this data should not be believed unconditionally, because everyone is trying to protect themselves on the Internet. The number of real users may be slightly different, because women can also indicate a male gender in their profiles to protect themselves, to protect their anonymity, for example, from lovers of unusual humor.

Nationality. Although Reddit can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, there are a few countries that make up the majority of users. The United States has the most users, with about 49% of Reddit users. The United Kingdom comes in second with 8% of users. Canada represents about 7% of the site’s users. Australia and Germany are almost equal, with about 3% of users. The rest of the world’s users have a smaller percentage.

Ethnicity. This data reflects users who were comfortable volunteering their ethnicity. As with the other factors in this list, it is possible that the actual numbers may vary slightly, as all of the information provided is completely optional for users. Ethnic groups are divided into White, Black, Hispanic, and others. 70% of users identified themselves as White and about 7% identified themselves as Black. About 12% identified themselves as Hispanic, and about 11% identified themselves as other.

Feel free to use this information to make your Reddit experience even more enjoyable and productive!